From the world of a C-Level Executive to a Small Business Owner

by Shashi Bellamkonda on April 14, 2008


Linda ShermanLinda Sherman enjoys connecting with people. On her blog http://itsdifferent4girls.com/ she writes about her experience as CEO of Club Med in Japan and her involvement in Nihon Keizai Doyukai, an organization of 1,000 + Japanese CEOs (and 14 foreigners) that was set up to advise the Japanese government.

She is now a principal of The Courage Group, her own small business that is involved in a number of projects. Two of her projects included being the agent for Singelringen (the Swedish Ring For Singles) for North America, and serving on the board of the Commercial Marine Biology Institute and Abalone Farming International.

I met Linda in New York where we both attended the Blogger Social. I asked her to tell her story about transitioning from being a C-level executive for large companies to being a small business owner.. Here is her story on video.

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