Comcast account access issue- clarification

by Shashi Bellamkonda on May 30, 2008


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The sequence of events that lead to the comcast.net being redirect were unfortunate; however, there was no security breach or social engineering at Network Solutions. The DNS changes were made by someone with the customer’s log-in information. We helped the customer revert their DNS. All this was done quickly and the DNS began propagating within 2 hours, except where the local ISP servers have a higher TTL (Time to Live- interval when the name servers update their records).

We advise all our customers to follow good practices in keeping their usernames and passwords secure for their account at network solutions. The contact email address for the domain should also be accurate for their own protection. We have posted some tips that may be useful for domain registrants to keep their account updated here http://solutionsarepower.com/2008/8-tips-to-protect-your-domain-registration/

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