Gnomedex 8.0 Day 2 – Closing Thoughts

by Steve Fisher on August 28, 2008


As we wrapped up Gnomedex 2008, it got me thinking, how can I use the social media tools out there to make change? This is my second Gnomedex, with my first being last year. I attended the BarCamp session after the conference and I have to tell you that they listened to all the feedback and took action making this the best one yet from my two year experience and others who have been to everyone. Here are a few things I take away in reflection of this awesome event:

We have shown you the tools now go out and use them

Many conferences have been about educating and evangelizing to people how they should use tools like blogs, podcasts and social networks. There has definitely been a shift in the winds. At this point, people who want to know about them or learn about them, have at some level. Now it is not about education but about implementation and adoption. I think you will see this trend continue at future conferences, but you saw it first here at Gnomedex.

You can use this technology to not only build your business but make positive change in the world

From watching Beth Kanter raise $3700 to send a girl in Cambodia to college, to using Twitter to get a audience following the Mars Rover, to Salaam Garage using social media tools on their photo/video trips, everyone can use these tools to make a difference in this world. All of the attention for these projects and their popularity would not have been possible with out tools like blogs, podcasts, twitter and flickr to name a few.

Everyone needs to go next year – yes, everyone.

Chris Brogan summed it up the best in his post “I found Gnomedex to be the single-most valuable conference for me and my own personal and professional development that I’ve attended in the last 12 months. (In saying this, I realize that I’m rating it over my very own PodCamp Boston and several other events where I know and love the organizers. To you, I say, “I loved your events as well. They were also useful to me.”)

It will be interesting to see what comes next year, and I will certainly plan to attend. You should, too.”

See you next year for Gnomedex 2009.

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