Twin Tech II: An Event Review

by Steve Fisher on September 25, 2008


Most of you have been to large events and conferences with a few hundred people. But last week, Peter Corbett went and did the impossible. He actually had a bigger and better event than his first successful Twin Tech event done this past August here in DC.

Peter Corbett recently became one of the primary networking connectors in the MD/DC/VA area with the launch of the Twin Tech event in DC this past summer. Peter is well known in the marketing and social media community as a person who knows how to help companies large and small leverage social media through digital marketing, content creation and what he calls experiential marketing.

On Thursday, September 18th, 2008 iStrategyLabs hosted Twin Tech II with the Northern Virginia Technology Council. Twin Tech was created to bridge the gap between the veteran and emerging technology communities in the capital region.

Peter noted on his site the following facts:

-1200 confirmed attendees (250 in the first 24 hours, 400 in the first week)
-200+ waiting list
-36 amazing and generous sponsors
-2 official product launches. One by
BrandClik and one by iStrategyLabs for the Bloom content creation service

Better this time around

Peter did one heck of a job for a first time event. It was a success by all accounts. The only thing people had complained about was because it was packed to capacity and really hot inside and out, made it hard to look professional when you are sweating profusely.

Learning from that experience and wanting to have an even bigger event. Peter selected the club venue called “Avenue” located on New York Ave in DC. It was closer to the metro and with three levels and air conditioning allowed everyone to spread out. There were about 200-300 conversations with an open bar on each level. There were lots of sponsors and companies launching products, tons of networking and what seemed to be lots of space to move around and really meet as many people as you wanted to.

The Twin Tech Communities Really Want to Work Together

For many of you out there who were around for the Web 1.0 era, you might remember the Netpreneur events put on by Mario Marino and his team. This has the same feel to it and I believe the communities are serious about connecting and finally trying to work together. Not only was the first Twin Tech not a flash in the pan, the coverage made this follow up even bigger and better. I believe that one of these a quarter with some related smaller focused events that target specific technical topics that the Twin Tech communities do even more effective networking would be amazing.

I just can’t wait for Twin Tech III. I know Peter and his team will deliver another memorable event.

EPILOGUE: Additional Info

Peter gathered all the coverage of the event, so for additional information, check out these sites:

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    • http://www.networksolutions.com/ rajmalik

      Great event! Cant wait for the next one.

    • http://www.jessienewburn.com Jessiex

      Big props to Peter and his crew. And to all the sponsors as well. ‘Twas fun carpooling and metro-ing in together, Steve. Especially singing along with songs from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along-blog. ;-)