Building Your Brand Series – Part 2 – Responding

by cbensen on October 22, 2008


In Part 1 of this series I talked about the various tools that can be used for listening. I also interviewed Alex DeCarvahlo who has a new product called StartPR.com.

You will want to listen for awhile before responding. Look for trends & see where people are talking about your product/services. What is the tone? Are they pleased or not? It’s important to have a strategy in how you’re going to respond.

Here are a number of possibilities that you could encounter:

Reputation management – people are complaining about your brand. In responding to them, apologize & state how you will be improving the situation so that it doesn’t happen again. If this relies on other staff or improving your product, then follow thru on that.

Crisis - These need to be dealt with as soon as possible. If you can respond immediately before there are a number of other people agreeing with the author it’s much better for your brand.

Customer service – Provide the person with information on how to resolve their problem or contact your company to get assistance

Product development – Sometimes enthusiasts will review your product or service. Thank the person for their ideas for your product. If you decide to incorporate them, reach out to that person later & let them know of the new release. They will be thrilled & share that information with their readers. It’s the easiest way to generate word of mouth!

Compliments- You definitely need to graciously thank them!

You will also be able to find advocates for your brand. Talk with them by commenting on their posts & get involved. They will be pleasantly surprised!

Competitive knowledge – Monitoring conversations about the competitor is a good idea. You will learn a number of things. There may be opportunities for you to provide information about your products or services when people are asking for the competitor’s products. Practice good manners & remember that you’re in a social conversation. If you wouldn’t say it in real life in a social setting then it’s not a good idea to type it.

Further reading:

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How do you get involved in the conversation? And please share examples of your successes & even failures so that others can learn from them.

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