Get Involved on Blog Action Day

by cbensen on October 14, 2008


Every day we blog. Millions of people write about what they’re passionate about. We’re all comfortable & happy with our lifestyle. But what about those that are less fortunate? There are some superstar bloggers that are always making a difference. Beth Kanter, Beth Dunn & Steve Bridger are always sharing their great ideas!

The International Blogging and New Media Association has proclaimed today as Blog Action Day 2008. Their focus is on Poverty.

Today is a day to take a moment & pause. Consider how much you have compared to those that are disadvantaged. How can you make a difference?

The social media team at Network Solutions is helping Connor, a 10 year old, with his goal of providing popcorn for children that are served by food banks across the US. He hopes to put a smile on their face.

Take a moment to ask yourself how you can help?

If you’re a blogger, then please take a few minutes to blog about how you want to help people rise out of poverty. Support Blog Action Day

Leave a link here so we can help you help those in poverty too.

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