Network Solutions is one of the leading solutions providers to those companies looking to build a large scale business presence. At the Blogworld Expo this past September we had the opportunity to complete a series of interviews with our “Solution Stars“. These stars include Chris Baggot, Rich Becker, David Berkowitz, Jay Berkowitz, Jason Falls, Tim Ferriss, Tony Hsieh, Guy Kawasaki, Gina McCauleyWendy Piersall, Mari Smith and Warren Whitlock . In this series, our stars of the web and social media dispensed some sage advice on building a killer web presence. Tips include:

- Everyone should have a web presence
- If you are doing business beyond five miles from your office you need a least a web site
- Word of mouth is critical and the web helps in that
- At the very basic on your site should be directions and information on your business

The complete video is below. It is definitely worth watching a few times to get all these important goodies that these experts in the field can provide.

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