Simeon Margolis, creator of Utterz/Utterli, has a new venture, Monkey Bed Media

by Steve Fisher on December 31, 2008


His bio on his personal blog is one line – “Entrepreneur trying to make it in the mobile world”. Many may know Simeon as the “Maestro of Utterz”. Utterz, the micro voice messaging company, was an idea he had that was launched by RPM Communications, the firm he was working for at the time.

In the previous two parts of this interview, we talked about entrepreneurship and the impact of micro-messaging tools like Utterz/Utterli and Twitter on the business community and events like the 2008 election.

In the close of our three part interview, we talk about his new venture, going under the name “Monkey Bed Media” (don’t worry. we ask him what this means).

Steve: You recently founded Monkey Bad Media. First, what does that mean? Second, what are your plans for the company?
Well, growing up with the name Simeon earned me plenty of razing from my peers as they learned that a “simian” is a type of African monkey. Lets just say I’ve had a thing about monkeys from an early age. The phrase ‘Monkey Bed’ was actually something my 4 year old nephew said to me quite a while ago that just stuck in my head.  When it came time to name the corporate entity it just worked.  You know us monkeys; we love jumping on the bed.

The company itself is going to be providing online and mobile services that are highly targeted. Our first service is actually going to be in a very crowded space, but we think we’ve found a place to focus where others have not.  It will likely be alpha ready around January 1 so be on the lookout for your invite.

Steve: Living here in the Boston area yet working in the Web 2.0 community abroad you have a unique perspective. What are your thoughts in the differences between the Boston area and Silicon Valley tech communities?
There’s obviously a lot of talented and likeminded people in Silicon Valley. That can be really exciting to be a part of, but there’s exciting work going on all over. The Boston community is active and passionate and there’s great stuff going on in NYC and Austin not to mention in Europe and South Asia. I guess I’ve never understood the slightly competitive east/west tech communities but I think it has more to do with companies providing crappy services and then crying foul when they don’t get the reception they wanted.

Steve: Outside of your busy entrepreneurial roles, what do you do for fun?
For me, this is fun or I wouldn’t be doing it. That said, I’m super excited it’s ski season in New England.

Steve: How does someone reach you if they want to say hello or ask a question?
You can reach me at simeonmargolis.com, linkedin or @simedia on twitter. You can also e-mail me at: simeonmargolis at mac dot com.

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