Network Solutions is one of the leading solutions providers to those companies looking to build a large scale business presence. At the Blogworld Expo this past September we had the opportunity to complete a series of interviews with our “Solution Stars“.

In this episode our stars were able to provide some great insight on managing the demands on your time when you add social media into your bag of marketing tools.

Some highlights include:

- You don’t have to write everyday. It is all about quality over quantity
- Figure out what you want to say
- If you are using social media to interface with customers you need to “be in the trenches”
- Evaluate paid advertising to drive traffic and awareness to your blog
- Carefully manage your resources
- Solicit content from your users and customers. Including guest posting, case studies and testimonials
- Ask yourself “what would you do for the next 10 years if you couldn’t make money”. That is the passion you have and that will show to your customers, even on a blog.

The stars in this episode include Chris BaggotRohit Bhargava, Toby BloombergChris BroganPaul ChaneyTim FerrissTony HsiehJennifer Openshaw and Wendy Piersall.

Here is the full episode:

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