Solutions Stars video: Rising above the noise (with tips for small business)

by Jill Foster on December 11, 2008


“Help me help myself…please!”

I’m just starting a new business and whew, that’s the phrase that comes to mind sometimes! Small business owners wear countless hats from customer service champion to boss to sales driver to marketer to creative…and on. They need all the partners they can for their success. And they can add Solutions Stars by Network Solutions to their tool kit of resources.

All for small business: connecting you to the experts
I really liked the Network Solutions Solutions Stars video conference when it first released October 29th. It featured an online video interview series with top social media and marketing minds from BlogWorld Expo. They discussed challenges facing small businesses – and tips available – regarding their online presence and social media outreach. There were (9) segments to the video series. And throughout this month, I look forward to recalling some of the highlights with you here at Solutions Are Power.

Revisiting the cool stuff: a recap of Rising Above the Noise
Straight from the experts, here are some quick, smart bits from those interviewed. They talk on weeding through online ‘chatter clutter’ to a better online presence for your business. By all means(!), check out the full (3) minute clip below and the full series of conference clips mentioned above anytime.

Darren Rowse, Author, ProBlogger:
talks on finding the right voice for your online presence, the tools, and knowing the challenges that small businesses face;

Scott Monty, Global Digital and Multimedia Communications Manager, Ford Motor Co:
addresses interruption marketing and other hurdles for small businesses to conquer in building their online name with customers;

Jay Berkowitz, author of Ten Golden Rules and podcaster:
knows how to help your business compete through the online ‘noise’;

Robyn Tippins, Community Manager, Yahoo Development Network
believes enthusiastically that anyone these days can make it big; and she shares more on how your business can avoid being ‘the needle in a haystack’ in Web 2.0;

Jason Billingsley, co-founder, ElasticPath with Linda Bustos, blogger
learn how to transcend the ‘me-too’ mentality in online retailing and to get ahead when so many businesses are learning to reach out through social media;

Liz Strauss, Social Web Strategist, producer of Successful Blog
reveals her #1 suggestion when finding your online customer community;

Warren Whitlock, Book Marketing Strategist
gives away a few ‘you gotta be … ‘ tips;

Don’t stop! …just hit play to get even more.

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