Video – Solution Stars: strategy drives outreach for small business

by Jill Foster on December 17, 2008


Do you remember?

…the tips? the insight? all the interviews? and the fun online chats with the experts?

It was all there Oct. 29th with the benefit of small business at the forefront. Network Solutions hosted the Solutions Stars video conference where social media and marketing gurus plus industry leaders shared their know-how. So please join the Solutions Are Power blogger team as we revisit the Solutions Stars video conference throughout this month.

Featured highlights for Solutions Stars video conference: strategy drives outreach
Who are your stakeholders? And how can you – the small business owner – reach them? What value can you bring to stakeholders involved with your business?

Strategy is the foundation; and in this video segment – the below suite of gifted-and-talented engage on the topic.

Some highlights:

Chris Baggot, CEO, Compendium Software
Talks tips for measuring online business success.

Rich Becker, President of Copywrite, Inc.
Looks at engagement with the right type of publics when online.

Jay Berkowitz, author of Ten Golden Rules and podcaster
Makes it clear on what should happen within (4) seconds on your website.

Rohit Bhargava, author of Personality Not Included
Gives ideas on finding what works (or doesn’t) for your business’ website or online presence overall.

Jason Billingsley, co-founder of ElasticPath with blogger Linda Bustos
takes the conversation beyond online advertising and includes ways to listen to your customers.

Matt Dickman, VP of Digital Marketing, Fleishman-Hillard
Shares an ‘a-ha’ idea on what small businesses can do to get ahead (& inspire regret in their larger competitors!).

Lee Odden, CEO, TopRankMarketing.com
Goes beyond SEO or the optimized press release for the needed big picture for small biz success.

Darren Rowse, Author, ProBlogger
Suggests a mentoring approach for small business’ success in online retailing.

Robyn Tippins, Community Manager, Yahoo Development Network
Relates the Holy Grail and user experience to online presence of small businesses.

Want more?
Just click below for the full clip on strategy or check out anytime all (9) of Solutions Stars video conference interviews.

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