Solutions Out Loud Podcast Episode #7 – "The Networking, Networking, Networking" Episode

by Steve Fisher on January 29, 2009


Available now for your listening pleasure is Episode #7 of Solutions Out Loud, the Network Solutions podcast that covers news, business trends, tips for small businesses and anything else that is relevant to you our faithful listeners.

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In this episode we talk about the power of networking in person and online. We cover some great events we all attended and provide some great business tips on power networking. Liner notes are below:

Week in Review Segment:
Joe Loong:

DC Tech Scene: A quick recap of TwinTech III, with commentary on the mixing of the white-shoe tech types with the scruffy startups. Also a look at some upcoming DC area events, including Blog Potomac, and a mention of Goverment 2.0 Camp in March

Jill Foster:

Last week on Women Grow Business: www.womengrowbusiness.com
Post:  Obama’s Inauguration & the impact on 3 small businesses

Steve Fisher:
Coworking post: Thoughts on Coworking: What is it and is it for you?

Business Tips Segment:
Jill Foster:
Online social networks and the 15 minute time saving tip

Online social networks (OSNs) like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, etc can be fantastic ways to fertilize or ‘warm up’ new relationships i.e. idea partners, new talent for your company, or certainly new customers.  But sometimes participation can be big time occupier.  Colleagues and I have found it can be daunting on deciding which OSN to contribute to and for how long.  But allowing yourself just to start is key and worth the benefit.  A suggestion:  choose one or two networks depending on your ultimate goal and conversational style.  Then participate daily for just 15 minutes.

Joe Loong:
Don’t forget to network: Use local tech and social media events to network, gain expertise, and meet contacts. If these events don’t exist in your area, start some!

Week Ahead:
Small Business Event on Feb 3

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