Solutions Out Loud Podcast Episode #11 – The "Business Growth and Schmoozing" episode

by Steve Fisher on February 27, 2009


Welcome to Solutions Out Loud, the podcast for the Network Solutions community of blogs including Solutions Are Power and Women Grow Business, this is Episode #11, the Business Growth and Schmoozing episode. I am your host Steven Fisher, Community and Blog Manager here at Network Solutions. Joining me today is Joe Loong and Jill Fosters, members of the blog team and contributors to both blogs.

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Week in Review Segment:
Joe Loong:
Topic roundup: A “25 Things” post-mortem, and “Your First Domain Name.”
Jill Foster: www.WomenGrowBusiness.com
To Grow or Not: What’s at Stake When Deciding to Expand Your Business
This week conversations covered project managment, site design, and even how a former bond trader founded her business.  And Mayra McPherson took time to share what she’s facing in her own business i.e. to grow it to agency level or not.  It’s a personal, striking take on how asserting that next step is not always the most obvious decision.

Business Tips Segment:
Jill Foster:
Biz tip: How cleaning house online can build your fans for your business
This is borrowed straight from business owner Beth Bates (www.bethjbates.com) who recently cleaned up her bookmarks online.  What she did during that simple process I thought was a great reminder how a basic ‘cleaning house step’ can be used to create community for your business (while increasing visibility for others).  She bottom line took bookmarked blogs she valued and posted a “Link Luv Thursday” post at her blog Good Works Grapevine.  Her nucleus of links ranged from RFP writing to a shout-out for Women Grow Business to a post on interview tips by from Solutions Are Power (Joe!).  It was a nice surprise and even stronger business tip for building fans.
Joe Loong:
Biz tip: How to get more from the networking events you go to.
Looking at strategies for you to be a more effective schmoozer. How to get more from the networking events you go to.

Week Ahead:
Joe Loong:
A few more local tech and social media events (from last week and upcoming)
Jill Foster:
A new series launches at Women Grow Business, The Emerging Entrepreneur.  Alexis Rodich graduates with her MBA soon, specializing in private equity.  She’s thrilled about what’s out there to support business innovation and will report on her entry into this career at Women Grow Business.

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