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by C Douglass on March 2, 2009


There are three completely separate ways now in the cart to give free shipping.

1.  A Custom Free Shipping Method

In this case you simply create a new custom shipping method, enter the minimum and maximum weight or price, then set the Price field to $0.00. You can even use different rules within the shipping method to offer Free Shipping Over $50 for example.

See NS Feature Tip – Using Free Shipping to Increase the Average Order Value.

2.  Free Shipping Discount Code
If you want to give a free shipping discount code, you can create one in the Discounts section and your customers using the code will receive the shipping option designated for that discount code as free in checkout.

3.  Per Product Free Shipping
Now you can also setup free shipping for individual products. On the Advanced tab of the Products section you would choose ‘Eligible for Free Shipping’ in the Special Shipping area. Then choose a shipping method that you would like to honor your free shipping on a per product basis and check ‘Honors free shipping’. This will allow your customers to see the free shipping method in checkout as well as your other shipping methods at their regular prices.

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