Solutions Out Loud Podcast Episode #12 – The “Business Launching and Business Crashing” Episode

by Steve Fisher on March 6, 2009


Welcome to Solutions Out Loud, the podcast for the Network Solutions community of blogs including Solutions Are Power and Women Grow Business, this is Episode #12, the Business Launching and Business Crashing episode. I am your host Steven Fisher, Community and Blog Manager here at Network Solutions. Joining me today is Joe Loong and Jill Foster, members of the blog team and contributors to both blogs.

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Week in Review Segment:
Joe Loong:
Networking events revisited — from the smaller-scale Digital Happy Hour in Reston, to Tech Cocktail DC 4, and advice on how to be a better and more effective schmoozer. With some followups that I forgot, like review and post photos from the events you go to.
Jill Foster:
“Learning to Launch” at WomenGrowBusiness.com
From small business e-learning tools to venture capital, the action was in full force at Women Grow Business.  Shana Glickfield, Washington, DC’s area venue/restaurant expert, launched her new series about converting her hobby to an expert company.  She just registered ‘DC Concierge’ as a LLC; and in the coming weeks Shana will share insight and lessons learned on starting up.

Business Tips Segment:
Jill Foster:
Biz tip:  Make ‘the ask’: host events, invite experts, and build your business pipeline
Networking style has been an interesting discussion at Solutions Are Power.  And on this note, a favorite sales mindset comes to mind:  Don’t forget to “make the ask.”
This applies to certainly your sales funnel but also to your collaboration pipeline too.   Example:  DC Media Makers – a peer learning group in digital education – has grown a lot in the past year.  But what’s interesting is it’s growing partnerships.  It partners with NPR downtown to host monthly meetups on digital media — for entrepreneurs, marketers, producers, & tech enthusiasts.  But what drives their meetups is the unique, in-depth feedback at each session.  And what drives the feedback?  –asking people in the community to share their work and initiate Q&A.  So many collaborations and leads have come from this type of initiative by just asking folks to present.
Joe Loong:
Biz tip:  Preparing for a Business Crash Landing
Preparing for a Crash Landing — this isn’t one of my tips, but Jason Calacanis, outspoken serial entrepreneur, has a thought-provoking blog post detailing his advice on “what to do when your startup is about to fail” (http://calacanis.com/2009/02/27/what-to-do-if-your-startup-is-about-fail-or-dont-stop-believing/ )

Week Ahead:
Joe Loong:
A few more local tech and social media events (from last week and upcoming)
Jill Foster:
Business owners discuss their changed operations in this economy; plus a new Women Grow Business series starts about entrepreneurs and leadership.
Steve Fisher
Marketing Plan Series Launching on Solutions Are Power

We are taking two weeks off because of upcoming events and our travelling to SouthBySouthWest. We will be back on March 27 with new segments and new things we can’t reveal yet in Episode #13. You can subscribe to the feed on iTunes or RSS. We hope you listen in and keep listening!

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