Susan Gunelius of Women On Business Sounds Off on the Small Business Success Index

by Steve Fisher on April 15, 2009


Below is a snippet of her thoughts about the Small Business Success Index. For the full interview, visit the Grow Smart Business Blog.


Susan Gunelius is the owner of Women On Business and president & CEO of KeySplash Creative, Inc., a full service marketing communications provider. Women On Business provides women with news and information on how to be successful in the business world. Through Women On Business, Susan hopes “to see that power grow and expand and to broaden the online discussion between today’s male and female business thought leaders.”

Susan began her journey as a sole proprietor and freelancer in late 2007 and now provides branding, marketing, social media, copywriting, and other services to small and large businesses.  She has over a decade’s worth of experience in directing marketing programs. Additionally, she is the author of Google Blogger for Dummies and, Building Brand Value for the Playboy Way, which will be published in Fall 2009.

Network Solutions: What did the study reveal to you about the success of small businesses in 2008?
I was pleasantly surprised to learn that small businesses are doing better than one might think based on what we hear from the media.

Network Solutions: The study captured six dimensions for measuring success: Capital Access, Marketing and Innovation, Workforce, Customer Service, Computer Technology and Compliance. What do you think are the top priorities for making small businesses more competitive?
Certainly, Capital Access is critical.  You know the old saying, “it takes money to make money.”  There’s a reason why those old sayings stick around for so long.  Also, Customer Service remains a top priority.  It generates positive word-of-mouth marketing, which is essential to small businesses and helps to position them against the competition, particularly larger companies with deeper pockets.  Together, Marketing and Computer/Technology are also important.  We’re in the age of social media, and leveraging technology and marketing via the tools of the social web is a significant differentiator.

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