My GTD Plan for the next Six Months

by Steve Fisher on June 29, 2009


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guy-eating-paper-in-frustration-smallAs you know I just had my six month GTD review and looking at the next six months things hopefully will be smoother and will get even more efficient. In preparation to increase my GTD success I went through this awesome checklist http://gtdmastery100.com/ and found that I scored 32 out of 100 – That is “Adept” in their score. Above Beginner (0-25) and below Warrior (51-75) and Jedi (76-100) it keeps me humble and shows me that I still have a long way to go. It means that if I can follow all those things my efficency and success with GTD will dramatically improve.

Now granted, there are few things that are unachievable like #100 – “Work and like is ecstasy, bliss and pure joy” and quite subjective like #93 – “I am surrounded by people as productive as me” so getting the perfect score will not be there but I believe I can get to the “Jedi” status.

So my task is to take that score of 32 as close to 100 over the next month and see how things improve. Here are some things beyond my four principles that I must accomplish to get a great score by September when I do the test again.

- Create Better Tracking Lists

- Incorporate more physical things like an Inbox and the Tickler System

- Schedule Weekly Status/GTD Prep Time on Monday morning 9-11am

- Review GTD Book again for some key planning concepts (pages 56, 192, 196)

- Get my email inbox in better order

- Find a GTD Mentor to review what I am doing so I don’t fall into bad habits.

See you at the end of September to mark my improvements and hopefully new lessons learned.

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