SMART Ecommerce News – April 2009

by C Douglass on July 6, 2009


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Volume 1, April 2009

Introducing SMART Ecommerce News
Choosing Product Lines that Sell
Inside Track: Updates and Enhancements
Customer Spotlight: GenesisBodyCare.com

Supplying Merchants with Answers and Retail Tips

The Network Solutions® Ecommerce Team is excited about the progress we are making in improving communications with our customers by delivering the first issue of SMART Ecommerce News.

The goal of this newsletter is to provide merchants with the answers, articles and advice they need to succeed online. We hope you find the content within SMART Ecommerce News innovative and resourceful.

To begin, we encourage you to Join the Conversation by reviewing and discussing what’s top-of-mind for members of the ecommerce and small business forums. The Ecommerce Team will use the Inside Track to highlight new and existing features, share tips and more.

Links from In the News will provide some of today’s hottest topics for small businesses within the online retail industry. Participate in the Customer Spotlight, a platform for customers to share lessons-learned, perspectives and insights. And
be sure to check out the Upcoming Events for a list of webinars, conferences and tradeshows.

From the online retail industry, to managing your website and making the best use of your ecommerce software, we are constantly looking for new ideas and value your feedback. Feel free to drop us a note about how we’re doing or suggestions for upcoming newsletters.

Choosing Product Lines that Sell

Finding the best product lines is an art, and will likely evolve as your business grows. Once you have your list of potential lines in-hand, how do you know which ones you should buy?

If you source and buy the wrong products, you’ll likely end up with a bunch of dead stock that sits around in storage. If you paid for this with a credit card upfront, even worse, because you are paying interest on all that immobile inventory.

There are a lot of things to consider. This article includes a list of questions that will not only help you narrow down the best product lines for your store, but will also help you avoid those lines that could become worthless.

Read the rest of the article here »

Inside Track

You Spoke. We Listened.
The Ecommerce Team is working hard to add new
features and improve existing ones. Your ideas and comments are considered in each software release.
See what we’ve already delivered for 2009:

7.x Release Enhancements

Improved import/export functionality

Improved system timeout management

Enhanced permission management restrictions
Enhanced customer manager and order processing
Added more personalization questions
New! online help content and tools
New! tiered pricing levels
New! quantity discounts available in dollar amounts
New! low inventory alerts
New! live chat integration module
New! referring URL for each order
New! product layout design preview
New! additional payment gateway

4.x Updates

Updated offline order management system to minimize storage system outages and help prevent loss of credit
card information

Addressed a minor spam-related security flaw on the
Email-A-Friend page

Check out the Release Info for details and a complete
list of changes.

Customer Spotlight

Casey and Sarah are a husband and wife team located in Southern Illinois. After many years of working in the Internet industry, they wanted to create their own site offering high quality natural products.

They launched their first ecommerce business, GenesisBodyCare.com, in August 2008.

Read their interview

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Volume 1, April 2009

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