Wicked Marketing writer Michael Dougherty is moving to Grow Smart Business

by Steve Fisher on July 14, 2009


Growing a blog involves many things but the most important involves great content. It is what increases readership and keeps people coming back. We have some great writers in Joe and Ken as well as our Swami.

Michael Dougherty AKA “WickedJava” has written some great stuff here on Solutions Are Power but His perspective for small business owners on navigating the online and offline worlds of branding, print, web design and social media has been a missing element here and one frequently requested by readers on Grow Smart Business. This is why I would like to welcome him as our newest writer to the Grow Smart Business teamMichael Dougherty AKA “WickedJava” is a long time entrepreneur, marketing expert, print/web designer, and social media guru. He has worked on the marketing agency side as well as in corporate marketing departments for large and small firms.

In his other life, Mike is the Emerging Media Manager at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. Mike is also a budding film Director and accomplished screenwriter. In the interest of full disclosure, Mike and I are both co-founders of a non-profit film production company called Big Damn Fan Films that is about to complete principal photography on “Browncoats:Redemption”, a project that is based on expanding the Firefly/Serenity universe created by Joss Whedon. The project will raise money for five select charities and will be released in fall of 2010.

Yeah, we don’t know how he manages all this stuff simultaneously either. But he does it quite well.

As it says in his Solutions Are Power bio “Mike often uses humor and wit, along with his real world experience in Design, Social Media, and Marketing, to relay small business information, in his “conversational tone” of lessons learned and plain speak, to our small business/future entrepreneur readership”. That trend will definitely continue with Mike being able to discuss the range marketing topics and challenges that a small business must deal with on a daily basis.

You can read his first articles starting July 16th.

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