Ken, Steve and the Swami are attending Gnomedex 9.0 this week

by Steve Fisher on August 17, 2009


Last year, Shashi and your humble correspondent attended one of the most rocking tech conferences on the continent, Gnomedex.

It is put on by, Chris Pirillo, the Original Gnome or “OG” and his Lockergnome crew in the beautiful city of Seattle. As I said in my post last year, “I have been to many conferences in the past and I have to say this is one of the best out there. Little things like working wi-fi for everyone, power in every seat to make your liveblogging acheiveable and awesome food that you would find at really expensive conferences”. This Gnomedex should be no different. In fact there will be a few surprises for us to announce as the date gets closer.

The Network gang attending Gnomedex this year has grown to include Ken Yeung, I am sorry, “The” Ken Yeung as he is known to all his fans (including me).

Like many conferences, the best conversations are usually in the hallways and this conference is one par with SXSW in that vein. Gnomedex has actually come to be known as the “affordable TED for everyone”. I really like that and suggested three years ago that Chris call the conference “GnomeTED”. Chris limits attendance to around 350-400 which makes it possible to meet almost everyone if you work hard and he really leverages web tools to connect people and employs backchannels like IRC and Twitter live to show what people are thinking as the presenter is speaking. He also does a live video feed for fans who can’t be there.

To check out who will be there in addition to Shashi and me, here is the attendee list (another great thing that most conferences don’t do) and the agenda which is going to be entertaining and educational.

Blogging from Gnomedex

We will be blogging from the conference every day (Thursday-Saturday) and capturing lots of interviews that should be rolling off the presses for publishing next week and into September. Ken will also be taking lots of awesome pictures that will be part of a Flickr feed we will have online soon.

Special Gnomedex Offer

We will be announcing a special offer for  Gnomedex attendees and those watching the event online can take advantage of for a limited time. More details to come on that soon.

If you want to follow the happenings at the conference check out twitter and friendfeed which should be quite busy starting Thursday evening.

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