Practical eCommerce Interviews nsCommerceSpace Product Manager

by MelissaM on August 28, 2009


Recently, Julia Dalton, Senior Product Manager at Network Solutions®, was interviewed by Practical eCommerce’s Kerry Murdock to discuss the nsCommerceSpace™ offering.

From their website:

“There was a time, in the 1990s, when the only place to buy a domain name was at Network Solutions. That storied company has since had its up and downs, but no one disputes the pioneering nature of its products. Recently, Network Solutions redesigned and repositioned its website and its product offerings. This includes its newly-named shopping cart, nsCommerceSpace.”

For smaller ecommerce merchants, Julia suggests that “if you are already online and are looking for ways to ramp up sales, the best thing to do is to go where your customers are, or more specifically, go where your customers are searching.”

When thinking about the holiday season, Julia says “now is a good time to review your products and determine if there are keywords that you are missing out on that could drive sales. Once you identify where your customers are searching, you can try a combination of online marketing techniques, including SEO and PPC, to drive targeted customers to your store.”

Listen to the complete podcast here >>

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