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by C Douglass on August 14, 2009





In this Issue:
Holiday Season 2009: Prepare Now, Profit Later
Press Releases for Black Friday: Get a Head Start on Your Holiday Marketing
SEO: Back to Basics
Customer Spotlight: AndrewsToyz.com
Holiday Season 2009: Prepare Now, Profit Later
If you’re a small business owner, odds are you’ve already started thinking about the upcoming 2009 holiday season. While it’s still summer, it’s the perfect time to prepare your business for the holiday rush. Most shoppers wait until November to make the bulk of their holiday purchases, which gives you plenty of time to research, plan, and prepare your business for a successful holiday.
  So what should you be doing right now?
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  Press Releases for Black Friday:
Get a Head Start on Your Holiday Marketing
Preparing for Black Friday (or Cyber Monday) is not merely a matter of dressing up your store (or your online shopping cart storefront) with holiday trimmings. To be fully prepared, you should map out your marketing strategy well ahead of time—beginning in July or August—to capitalize on early shoppers and get a jump on the competition.
  Whether you run an online business, a brick-and-mortar store, or a hybrid of the two, an online optimized press release campaign can be beneficial in driving search engine traffic and publicizing announcements for the holiday season.
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  Let us create the news about you and your business. Learn about Online Press Release from Network Solutions.
SEO: Back to Basics
Now on the back end of the year, it’s time to start optimizing your site for the holidays. Since it can take three to six months to rank for certain keywords, we thought we’d revisit some SEO basics to make sure your site is prepared. This article highlights fundamental steps you need to take to get your products and brand ranked #1 on Google™.
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Inside Track
Have You Heard?
We’ve made some changes to our products and services to help you be more successful in your online ventures.
New Name. New Look.
The Ultimate Online Shopping Experience.
Our nsCommerceSpace™ packages provide online retailers with a feature-rich, comprehensive ecommerce software solution with everything you need to build your store and sell online successfully. We’ve enhanced our nsCommerceSpace packages to provide you even more disk space, email storage and increased data transfer limits to support your ever growing product catalog and website traffic. Best of all, your pricing remains unchanged and these great updates require no action from you.

These changes are just the start of a number of improvements designed to better serve you which you’ll be hearing more about in the coming weeks and months.

We ask that you continue to give us feedback during this immediate transition and in the future.

Customer Spotlight
When Andrew’s Toyz attempted a redesign of their ecommerce website three months ago, they knew they wanted to make some changes, but weren’t really sure what exactly. So they asked members of the Ecommerce User Forums for feedback. Within four
days, they heard from forum members and the Network Solutions Ecommerce Team:
agkits | gives suggestion related to the image zoom
martiniguy | thumbnail sizing, header & copy edits
mdsource | added a few SEO tips
This valuable feedback not only confirmed their own
concerns, but gave them “many many new ideas”.
Read the full thread in the Ecommerce User Forums.

In addition, we reviewed AndrewsToyz.com and
addressed 10 points of improvement to help increase
conversions. Perhaps some of these suggestions may
help your own ecommerce website.

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Holiday Countdown
Holiday Rush 2009:
Online Marketing

Tips for Success

Learn what you need

to be doing NOW and
in the coming months
to be ready for

holiday shoppers!

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In the News
Ten Great Ecommerce Ideas
for August 2009

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Preparing Your Business for
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  PODCAST: Plan and Follow Through
For 2009
Holiday Season

practical eCommerce | Listen
Ecommerce Version 4.x, End of Life Notification
Effective December 31, 2009, Network Solutions will cease development and distribution of new releases and upgrades and will not offer any software maintenance or software support for version 4.x after that date. Certain design support services will continue on a limited basis for the version 4.x software after
December 31, 2009.

We encourage you to upgrade for FREE to the Network Solutions ecommerce software version 7.x – offering a more dynamic and stable platform with an enhanced features set. Click here to schedule your upgrade.

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