Simple things to do to protect your domain name registration

by Shashi Bellamkonda on September 17, 2009


I cringe when I get an email that one of my bills was not paid because I did not update my credit card info and I get a finance charge on top of it. At the same time I have seen cries for help from folks who  discover too late that the domain they registered has expired.   Some registrars hold the expired domain name for a 35 day grace period to give the domain owner a chance to renew the domain.

A year ago we had a blog post 8 Tips to Protect Your Domain Registration giving some simple tips to domain name registrants. These tips could be applied wherever your domain is registered. If you have a domain name and it is very important to you  I strongly urge you to read the post mentioned above and make sure the contact email for your domain  is correct. You can check this by logging into your account or by checking our WHOIS service.

The contact email address is very important as most renewal notices are sent to that address. In my digital life I have had several email addresses until I finally settled for an email in my own name. The lesson is to make sure the contact email address is the one that you use regularly.
To avoid the hassle of remembering to renew every year I would suggest setting any auto renew options your registrar may have. Now a word of caution each  time you get a new credit card with a new expiry date  is updated too. This means you need to go into your account and update your credit card on record.

To recap here is what I am recommending you do:

a) Check your domain name registration email address and make sure it is accurate
b) Set your domain name to auto renew
c) Keep your credit card details updated.

I would also suggest setting up a annual calendar reminder to check your domain registration, or any other annual fee. So today is my “Check My Domain Name Registration” day. Why not make it yours too.

You may have other tips that you use for online services, please post them here or send me a guest post.

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