Four Ways to Get More Blog Comments

by Steve Fisher on October 30, 2009


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These last few years have shown us that the true form of the web is not as a broadcast medium but a conversation catalyst and what better place than for this than blogs. Blogs were at the forefront of the social web revolution and what made them so powerful was not the ease of publishing but rather the ability to engage with the reader in direct and meaningful ways. The most common way is through the comments section of the blog.

Now not every reader leaves a comment on the blog and most don’t because they are the consumers who make up about 90% of users. The other 10 percent is made up of “creators” (1%) and “engagers” (9%) who make the content and engage in a direct (leaving a comment) or indirect (write their own post commenting on the previous post) way. So we have come up with four simple ways to get more blog comments from those who visit your blog:

  1. Start by Writing Great Posts – If the post provides value and his helpful, people will share and expose to more readers who may comment.Always Ask the Question at the End of Your Post – Many new bloggers think of writing a blog post like writing an article. In the case of blogs you are able to engage the reader and to do that, just ask people to give their opinion. Ask “Leave a Comment” at the end of your post.
  2. Comment on the Blogs of Those Who Comment on Yours -  What a more powerful way you are having a conversation is to have these If they have a great post and you can add value to theirs then comment. This not only helps to increase awareness of you in your industry it also starts more conversations.
  3. Comment on Comments – People will leave comments on your web site but how many people really engage across disparate channels is to monitor your brand on all forums is the real question to answer. Interact with your readers and be sure to answer as many comments as you can on all forums.
  4. Use Contests - Nothing will draw people more to come to the blog and comment so creating a game or a contest around the blog comments are very good idea.

Just what do you think? Yeah, you knew it was coming….leave a comment below and let us know!

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    • http://www.TheFranchiseKing.com The Franchise King


      Thank you for the suggestions. Shashi posted this link on FB, and I usually click on the ones he suggests.


      The Franchise King
      Joel Libava

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    • JohnSternal

      Commenting on blogs is definitely something that doesn't happen as much as it should but I think there are a few reasons for it. 1) people are more accustomed to chatting it up on Twitter. 2) It's difficult to see the immediate return on commenting for SEO purposes. 3) Sadly enough, many bloggers still make it difficult for you to comment on their blog.

      John Sternal

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      Excellent blog, thanks for the post!

    • http://revitmedia.com Viral Marketing

      Excellent blog, thanks for the post!

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    • http://www.seop.com/ search engine optimization

      I do comment on comments but this doesn't go on after a while as other social media came out and it so happened that most people are into it that they will just put their answer there. I know someone who uses contests to gather more traffic. His prices came from those sites that he reviews and from sponsors. From the first time he did it he got a lot of visits so he continue on doing that every time he thinks of a new contest. its fun :D

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      You pat my back, I will pat yours. Get out there and comment on other people's blogs and they will be more inclined to visit your site …