Year with GTD – It is October and have an iPhone

by Steve Fisher on October 8, 2009


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As many of you who follow the blog you know that my journey with GTD has been an interesting one. First I started out strong, then I fell off the wagon about three months into the process. After reassessing my situation I really focused on re-reading the GTD book and then near the half way mark I finally got the core of what David Allen calls “Mind Like Water”. Just the stuff out of your brain and onto your GTD system what ever that might be for you.

I took the GTD Mastery quiz at the end of June and got a 32 out of 100. I took the recommendations to heart and I can happily report that my score has improved to a 64 which is warrior status but there is still room to improve.

But at the end of August something really awesome happened – I got an iPhone.

This little gadget with all its cool apps are amazing and soon afterward I purchased OmniFocus for the iPhone and synced it up to the desktop version. Magical things then finally happened. I was able to truly get those things off my mind and on to the iPhone so that I can work with it later when I am doing my weekly review. This along with the Evernote iPhone and Desktop app has been the missing electronic element in my workflow.

Other things I have been using to get my GTD mojo on:

- 43 Folders – Yes, I finally bought the folder pack because I was starting to use 1 or 2 for inbox/bills and outbox filing but it really didn’t work.

- Weekly Review – At the end of the week I am reviewing my calendar from the week and doing a brain dump into the inbox first. Then I review the outstanding tasks for any possible duplicates and then I start putting them in projects and contexts.

So, with three months to go and I think I am on track and things are feeling more natural. I am re-listening to the David Allen CD’s and I have a 30-day account to the David Allen portal site. Despite its expense I will give it a try for 30 days and if can see marked improvement I will subscribe.

How is your GTD process going? Please share, I want to hear and if you need a hug I can give one of them too

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