#140conf – Interview with Dave Mathews of PeopleBrowsr

by Steve Fisher on November 11, 2009


I have been using PeopleBrowsr since their beta and when I was at the 140Conf I was pleasantly surprised by two things: their upgraded platform and that Dave Mathews is involved in helping them become an even bigger success. I first met Dave at Gnomedex 2007 when he was working with this little company called Boxee and introduced it all to us on stage. It was a geek’s dream media machine. An open source set-top box system that could be put on almost any device. I was just waiting for Apple to buy them and make this their improved Apple TV platform. While that never happened, people have hacked their Apple TV to make it a reality.

Fast forward a year later and I signed up for this new product still in beta called PeopleBrowsr (spelling is correct here) and was intrigued by its approach to monitoring your life stream. I used it a little bit over the last year and when I was in LA last week for the 140 conference I saw that PeopleBrowsr was sponsoring and Dave was there with the PeopleBrowsr team to promote its new release and demo the product.

According to their site “PeopleBrowsr is a data mine and social search engine for real time conversations. We’ve built a set of applications sitting on the data mine to monitor your brand, identify your audience, analyze tweets sentiment, filter the buzz, manage feedback, share accounts, run campaigns, track keywords, build widgets and engage across multiple social networks simultaneously.”

I find it is great for personal brand and corporate brand monitoring but I will let Dave tell you himself. Here is the interview with him and the demo in the video below:

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