Starting out on Day 2, my brain needed some caffeine fuel so once I hit a very popular chain and got my Cafe Americano to jump onto the 140 Conference here in LA. This day started with some intense topics – education, public health and the mainstream media.  So let’s get to the recap of day 2.

Highlight #1 – Twitter and Education

On of the first panels was on education and was comprised of Aparna Vashisht (@Parentella) – Founder, Parentella, Eric Sheninger (@NMHS_Principal) – New Milford High School, NJ, Shelly S Terrell (@ShellTerrell) – Educator and Blogger, Teacher ReBoot Camp, Steven W. Anderson (@web20classroom) – Educator and Blogger, Web 2.0 Connected Classroom, Tom Whitby (@tomwhitby) – Professor of English, Secondary English. They discussed all of the ways Twitter is engaging those in the classroom.

Highlight #2 – Twitter and Public Health Messaging

Right after a discussion on education, health care professionals talked about how was comprised of Amy DeMaria (@AmyDeMaria) – Sr. Vice President of Communications, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Beverly Robertson (@marchofdimes) – National Director, Pregnancy & Newborn Health Education Center, Colleen Patterson (@colleenpattrson) – National Aboriginal Health Organization, Marc Sirkin (@autismspeaks) – Chief Community Officer, Autism Speaks , Nedra Weinreich (@Nedra) – Founder, Weinreich Communications (moderator). They discussed non-profits and how people are using social media to find information about health issues. They discussed how Twitter has become such a rich community for people to connect and engage in raising awareness. The video of the panel is below (courtesy of Blip.TV):

Highlight #3 – Twitter and the News

Next came the panel discussion about the impact of Twitter and Real-Time web on the news cycle. It was called Making. News. Now. Participants in the panel included Alexia Tsotsis (@alexiatsotsis) – ech/Business Lifestyle Reporter, SF Weekly, Andrew Nystrom @ LAT (@latimesnystrom) – Digital Media Strategist, Los Angeles Times, Kevin Sablan (@ksablan) – Blogger, 140pix.com and AlmightyLink.com , Mark Milian (@mmilian) – LA Times Writer: Tech + Social media + Politics + Indie Rock Music, Richard Rushfield (@richardrushfield) – West Coast Editor, Gawker.

They talked about the Miracle on the Hudson, fake Twitter deaths and how mainstream news organizations have to use this tool but be very careful in who they are sourcing because rumors and bad reporting can occur. The video of the panel is below (courtesy of Blip.TV):


Other Presentations of Note and Some Final Thoughts

Throughout the day people talked about innovative ways they have used Twitter to engage customers, talk to fans, build brands, fight cancer and generally is creating impact to make change all over the world. You can see more videos at the 140Conf Blip.TV Channel.

As the day wrapped I was truly impressed with a conference that before I came thought might just be an echo chamber of technology people telling themselves how awesome Twitter is and how awesome they are because they use the cool tools.

Photo Credit: Ken Yeung

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