Cyber Monday 2009 Deals from Network Solutions

by Steve Fisher on November 30, 2009


I am assuming that all of you are sitting at your desk this Monday morning enjoying a cup of coffee or tea back at work after a busy Thanksgiving holiday and possibly some Black Friday shopping. So you missed out on those deals? Well, we can thank the Internet for e-commerce sites and the ability to shop any time you want. But you would never do that from work, right? Well, this Monday after Black Friday is what we here in America call Cyber Monday and there are lots of deals to be found on the Internet.

According to Wikipedia, “The term Cyber Monday refers to the Monday immediately following Black Friday, the ceremonial kick-off of the holiday online shopping season in the United States between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Whereas Black Friday is associated with traditional brick-and-mortar stores, “Cyber Monday” symbolizes a busy day for online retailers. The premise was that consumers would return to their offices after the Black Friday weekend, making purchases online that they were not able to make in stores.

Cyber Monday Sales From Network Solutions

To join the online shopping excitement, Network Solutions® will be offering special discounts on hosting, domains and more. Network Solutions’ Cyber Monday deals include up to 70% off hosting packages, up to 50% off SSL certificates and 3 domain registrations for $39.99, normally priced at $34.99 each. These special offers will be accessible via banners on the Network Solutions storefront beginning Monday, November 30th.

Here are four specific deals from Network Solutions for Cyber Monday:

  • $100 of any $500 Purchase – Use Code GCXXX03353
  • $25 off any $150 Purchase – Use Code GCXXX03354
  • $50 off any $250 Purchase – Use Code GCXXX03355
  • $15 of any $200 Purchase – Use Code GCXXX03356

Cyber Monday Deals from All Over the Web

In addition to the special offers, Network Solutions has also provided a consolidated, continually updated list of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. To view the deals and signup for the RSS feeds visit: http://blog.networksolutions.com/blackfriday/cyber-monday/

Keep checking Solutions Are Power and Grow Smart Business for deals and information this holiday season.

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