Ecommerce Site Review – J. Crows Marketplace

by C Douglass on November 12, 2009


J. Crows Marketplace (http://www.jcrowsmarketplace.com) is one of our ecommerce clients that have volunteered for a site review. Listed below are key areas we would consider improving on the site.

J Crows Site Screenshot

Overall Design

Overall the design is simple and attractive. I like the crow and the old style look of the logo. I would prefer to see it more precisely centered in the header.

J. Crows Logo

Due to its brightness my eyes seem to be more drawn to the background color than the rest of the site. A more subtle background color could help make the site stand out while not distracting the eye.

Consider using a few well placed graphics or adding a tagline for instant recognition of what this site is about and what is sells. Related Article: Top Ecommerce Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Customer Service & Policy Links

Customer Service Link

The phone number and customer service link is helpful but having the link launch an email program is unreliable, jarring and therefore not a good user experience. Try adding a page that explains your customer service and gives them contact options. The email program launch is repeated in the footer and should be fixed as well. You could get less spam and have a more reliable way to send emails via the built in contact form page.

Additional pages highlighting the shipping or refund policies in detail could be helpful as well.


For SEO put dashes between the words in your URLs to make the keywords more easily readable by search engines:

URL Example

Product Lists:

Consider using subcategories or variations as a way to make it easier to find the sizes you need. As of now the user is required to rely on reading the product titles to differentiate products. This poses a challenge as many users rely on visuals or simply scan rather than read on the web. Also try to have pictures for all products and use different pictures for each product when possible.

Product list images

Product Details:

Use more detailed, keyword rich, product descriptions to help sell your products and improve SEO. Related Article: Product Descriptions that Sell

Also, avoid having a larger view link that pops up into an image the same size. Related Article: Top Ecommerce Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Shopping Cart:

Try making your checkout button larger and emphasize it with more visual impact. Using elements in the button like a forward arrow or text reminding them of your sites security can be enough to increase confidence and conversion rates.

Current Checkout button

If you are a Network Solutions nsCommerceSpace client and would like to have your site review please contact us to be considered.

Screenshots and site notes taken from www.jcrowsmarketplace.com on 11/12/09

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