Ecommerce Website Review: BillyTheTree.com

by beckygoudy on November 16, 2009


This ecommerce website review will focus on BillyTheTree.com, an online specialty jeweler. We’ll focus on 5 points to help BillyTheTree.com increase conversion and average order value.
Billy The Tree Home Page

  1. Increase Online Credibility
    • Increase the size of the phone number, and move it closer to the logo. Only the toll free number is needed. Be sure to include the words “toll free” next to the phone number, as sometimes customers don’t know it will be a free call. Also, try not to surround your phone number with too many words of the same color. It should stand out on every page (as well as stand out in the footer of your site).
    • Add more testimonials—everywhere possible: to the bottom of the product description, header, right navigation, everywhere. Make sure shoppers know that other customers have purchased from you and how great of an experience they had.
    • Add “…since xxxx” (where xxxx is the year your company started) right under your logo and in your PPC ads. Shoppers feel calmed when they see statements of longevity.
    • Add the name of your shipping carrier to your heading. “Free Global Shipping” is excellent, but you could also associate yourself with another strong brand such as UPS or Fedex. Customers will know they trust those carriers, and thus, can trust you.
    • Authenticity—for categories like “Jade” or “pearls” do spend a bit more time talking about the authenticity of these items that you sell.
  2. One of the most untapped online industries (next to drugstores) is jewelers. This means that there are more shoppers out there than there are stores. However, the biggest challenge for jewelers online is credibility. While billythetree.com has gone a long way to helping their customers view them as a trusted online source for jewelry, they could do more:

  3. Clarify your left side navigation
    This website is organized well, and offers many categories in which to browse. However, the presence of the ‘administrative’ information (About us, Your Account, Wholesale, etc), could be unnecessarily off-putting customers who use the left side to browse. They may entirely ignore your last two categories (Supplements & Art…), because they are too closely associated in proximity to information they don’t have reason care about (like gift certificates.)
  4. Add value proposition stated clearly in the header
    Did you know that his site offers a 30 day money back guarantee on every jewelry product? Probably not, because that information is buried on the product description behind a tab. This information is a crucial part of this site’s value proposition, and a great reason for shoppers to buy, so put it squarely above (or below) the site’s other value proposition (Free global shipping on all jewelry) in the header.
  5. Add additional ways for customers to shop
    Shoppers like to encounter products in different ways. There are several ways to shop on BillytheTree.com, including: by price, material (ie, pearl or jade) and by type (Magnetic Necklace). Consider additional ways to shop, like: necklace size (16mm, 18mm, etc), closure (magnetic, lobster, etc), to get customers to see your products in different lights.
  6. Add additional product images
    It’s important for a shopper to be able to envision a wearable item in many different ways. In this space oftentimes, one product shot just won’t make the sale. Consider many different product shots that a customer can browse when deciding whether or not to buy:

    • offer varying angles of the product
    • close up of clasp
    • lifestyle images (shots with a model wearing and enjoying this item)
    • item next to a ruler or other real life object (like a soda can or penny)
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      Good article and tips–thanks! The NEED for online credibility is certainly here. I think the BBB cert’s don’t hurt either, as well as customer reviews.