Increasing Holiday Ecommerce Sales Without Cutting Margins

by beckygoudy on November 9, 2009


After you’ve driven traffic, written ads, related your products and then some, there are still many ways you can increase holiday sales, without cutting your margins.

  • Create Sets – One easy way to increase average order value is to simply create ‘sets’. Take similar products (like socks, for example) and pick out 2 or 3 matching pairs. Create a new product on your site, and call it “Socks, set of 3”. Then combine the product images for the individual pairs in to one master image. Voila! Instant virtual product. The key with this one is to pick out pairs for your ‘set’ that visually go together or that are frequently purchased together.
  • Group Like Items - Physically box up like items together in the form of a gift. If you’ve been looking for a way to freshen up your site, but don’t have money to purchase additional inventory, this is your answer. Get some inexpensive boxes and some ribbon and start packaging up frequently-purchased-together items to sell as a ‘gift’. Photograph this beautiful new creation and list it as a new product. Your customers will appreciate this ready-for-gift-giving package, so they don’t have to hunt around your site for these items individually. Be sure to merchandise your new ‘gifts’ in an image on your home page.
  • Gift Wrapping - Offer gift wrapping as a service. If you do already offer this service, consider adding an option for your customers to pick their color (or style) of gift wrap. Even adding additional colors/styles can go a long way to freshening up this add-on service. Think about adding pictures of your gift wrapping so that customers can visualize the finished product.
  • Dress it Up for the Holiday – Where you have existing sets or gifts on your site, add a holiday bow to them and re-photograph them for this time of year. This small change can have a real impact on your ability to differentiate yourself from your competitors. It will also help your customers visualize your products under the tree.

Don’t underestimate the potential impact of repackaging your current items in light of the holiday season. It will help increase your order value by pushing more in to a customer’s cart than they might have added individually. Additionally, a simple holiday mention or attractive bow can help them envision your products as gifts for the people on their list.

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    • http://www.cufflinkshouse.com Phil

      Good tips, thanks!

    • http://www.YellowBearShop.com Yellow Bear Shop (Momma Bear)

      These are simple and great ideas. I do primarily drop shipping with my children’s products manufacturers and it would be great for them to provide me images of their products with a holiday twist. Holiday images would be a great value added service for me that I could turn around and use to increase sales.