Orvis.com – Great Holiday Merchandising Example

by C Douglass on November 25, 2009


Gift Finder - Home Page

I was browsing orvis.com recently and found it to be a great holiday merchandising example. It displays many tips we have suggested in recent holiday articles such as:

1) Make it Easy to Find Gifts

Orvis® does a good job of categorizing their gifts, making them easily accessible and reminding you that they are the place to shop for the holidays with their ‘Ultimate Gift Finder’.

They also do a good job highlighting Gifts in the top navigation.

Gift Nav

2) Highlight Gift Cards and Certificates as a Great Gift Option

Gift Cards are prominently displayed as an option in the header.

Gift Card Info

3) Reassure the Customer

In the bottom left column they remind potential customers that they will receive their gifts on time.


They also attempt to further increase holiday shopping confidence by displaying additional benefits.

orvis made easy

I would encourage anyone to take some time to browse the site and see how a well established company merchandises their products for the holidays.

I have posted the full screenshots taken on 11/24/09 here:

Home Page

Shop Page

If you have any additional site examples or merchandising ideas to share please post them in the comments below.

Note: All screenshots – www.orvis.com, 11/24/09

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