Pubcon 2009 ; Learning from a conference of expert online web professionals

by Shashi Bellamkonda on November 11, 2009


Pubcon is a conference that is organized by Webmaster World and the 2009 conference is in Las Vegas. The Webmaster world website describes themselves as :

WebmasterWorld is the leading source for Search Engine and Internet marketing news, best practices and educational events. Founded by Brett Tabke, an early ’80s innovator in running BBS (Bulletin Board Systems), the WebmasterWorld Forum began in 1996 and is now the largest community of online marketing professionals with more than 2 million posts and more than 100 discussion topics.

Network Solutions is represented by me  and Ben Cook our Search Engine Marketing expert. Conferences such as this help us keep in touch with the latest trends in online marketing, websites and ecommerce.

Day 1 started off with a Keynote by Tony Hsieh CEO of Zappos. Zappos grew from a small business selling shoes online to a Billion dollar company which Amazon acquired. ( http://blogs.zappos.com/amazonclosing ). Tony Hsieh clearly said that concentrating on company culture and defining the core values was the hallmark of success for Zappos. His advice is to concentrate on customer service, encourage all employees to use Twitterand be transparent.

The theme of Tony Hsieh’s talk was on “Delivering Happiness” also the title of  is forthcoming book. “What would you be happy doing for 10 years, even if you never made a dime?” Tony Hsieh asked the audience.Tony told me in a conversation ater his keynote that he had delivered the draft of his  book, “Delivering Happiness“, a few weeks ago to his publisher and is going to be published in 2010. he reads a lot of books and also told the audience that they can download a free copy of Tribal Leadership audio book he recmmends  from Zappos website: http://about.zappos.com/tribal

Pubcon Day 1

See more coverage of his keynote in this article by Amanda Finnegan Las Vegas Sun

The advantage of having a large number of bloggers at a conference is that there are several informative posts on the first day’s sessions and Search Engine Land did a great job making a list of Pubcon 2009 coverage of Day 1

I would like to recommend the coverage of the session Top Shelf SEO: Hot Topics and Trends by Lisa Barone

Pubcon Las Vegas Day 1: Twitter Sessions by Vertical Measures

Smart Keyword Research & Selection by Guillaume Bouchard

If you are here at PubCon Please say hi to me @shashib or Ben @skitzzo . Hope you will leave comments and questions on what you want us to cover when we go to conferences?

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