Building Great Contact Forms in WordPress

by Steve Fisher on December 24, 2009


One of the things that many blogs do ineffectively is provide a way to contact the authors. Sure, the comments might be enabled but using a contact form is some times the best way to communicate, especially if it is a private message. If you have a web site built on WordPress you probably have a “Contact Us” page. A contact page is important is because users can be very helpful in terms of getting feedback, new ideas, and suggestions.

Contact forms provide a way for your potential advertisers and clients to reach you especially if you are running a marketing campaign. If you are running an online marketing campaign and your landing page doesn’t have a contact form you might want to get your head examined since this is how you get leads. If you have a WordPress install like nsHosting for WordPress then you have discovered by now that there is a massive amount of plugins from the community that can make your site very powerful. Some users rely on a third party program to create a contact form outside their blog and then have that. But it does not have to be that way. There are plenty of great plugins available that lets you create your own contact form in WordPress. To make your life easier, we did some research and found the best plugins for implementing contact forms in WordPress.

The plugins we recommend are:

You can download either one of these plugins and activate them. These plug-ins have SPAM protection built-in such as Captcha images, security questions and others. Each plugin has their own set of directions to follow, but they are all very easy to implement. Need some inspiration? Some great examples of contact forms are on the WPBeginner.com site. If you are a daring person and into web programming, they are great resource to learn about creating custom pages and diving into these plugins. If you need to find a talented WordPress developer you can also check out our LinkTogether service for resources.

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