Promo Code Strategies: Find a Coupon Now

by C Douglass on December 21, 2009


While having a Coupon Code field on your site seems like an obvious promotion there are times when it may become a barrier to conversion. Many savvy shoppers will leave your site in the middle of checkout and search elsewhere for a code. Some may abandon the sale because they feel like they are not getting the best possible value from your site.

I noticed recently that Macys.com has an interesting strategy for keeping shoppers on the site and confident they are getting the best deal possible.

Next to their promo code title ‘HAVE A PROMO CODE?’ there is a small link to ‘find one now’.

Find a Promo Code Link

Once you click to find a code, you get a popup window with an extensive listing of Macy’s® current promotions.

Find a Promo Code Section

This unique strategy could be a great way to keep shoppers on the site and feeling confident they are getting the best deals available. It could also help to increase the order value by encouraging them to buy more in order to be eligible for a higher value promotion.


If you have any opinions on how coupon codes affect conversion or ideas on how to present them effectively please add them to the comments below.

Note: Screenshots taken 12/21/09 Macys.com

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      nice tips , thx for sharing !

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      Coupons are a great use of promotion. but when a customer does not have a coupon and comes with a cart full of products and see “Do you have a coupon” than you have chance loosing that customer searching for coupon codes!

      So personally i love to use seperate urls for that actually!