Ecommerce Design Tips: Choosing a Color Scheme

by C Douglass on January 15, 2010


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You don’t have to be an artist to find an effective and appealing color scheme for your site. There are many tools available to help you ranging from a simple color wheel to online color scheme generators. One that we utilize for our own sites is an easy to use, feature rich, online tool called Color Scheme Designer 3. This tool can help you find a simple, visually appealing, color pallet along with a range of useful tones and a fitting contrast color (for making certain elements stand out).

Basic Colors

There are a wide range of features included like the ability to quickly switch between standard color schemes like mono and complementary, find and change hex colors, view your colors on a simulated web page and even see what your colors look like for users with varying forms of color blindness.

Visual Simulation

Limiting your Colors

One mistake many site owners make is using too many colors which results in visual chaos on the page. Many times everything on the page is screaming for attention and in effect nothing really stands out. While your basic pallet should be limited to 4 colors it is generally fine to use different variant tones of the chosen colors or gray, black and white as needed.

Color Tones

Following these tips and using the colors provided by the Color Scheme Designer should give your site a more cohesive, visually appealing, look that makes the right elements stand out.

Please share any color scheme tips or other helpful tools in the comments below.

Screenshots taken 01/15/10, colorschemedesigner.com

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      Thanks for the information. I’d like to maintain the look and feel of my brand when translating it into an ecommerce site. Also I’d prefer lots of white space for easy, light reading.

    • http://www.percussion.com/community/marketing-community/marketing-blog/index_1.html Chris

      Spot-on: proper use of color theory can be absolutely critical when designing a site (or anything visual, for that matter.)

      Similar tool, but I always use Kuler, by Adobe. Free, online, the “Create” tab allows you to build your own color schemes based on color theory best practice (and it’s a lot of fun to use), and you can also hit “Themes” to check out pre-built or popular themes on the site. Check it out:


    • http://e-commerce-howto.com E-commerce howt

      I love colour schemer, and adob’e kuler. Standing still for a second and decide to choose a great color scheme is massively important for your e-commerce business!

    • http://www.avaguide.net/ Talking Ava

      Thanks for these design tips! This will come in handy once I revamp my new site!

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    • Mark Bagshaw

      Thanks very much! I think design work is much easier with the right shopping cart system.