Smart Working: oDesk and the iPhone

by Steve Fisher on January 25, 2010


Are you trying to find a great resource for a project or manage far flung contractors? If you are and haven’t heard of oDesk, then you need to check that site out and come back here because there is a tool that oDesk released that makes life very easy for you. According to Techcruch, “oDesk has been around for a while, offering a “marketplace for talent” that makes it easy to hire workers remotely. The company currently has over 340,000 providers, with 12,200+ jobs that are open. oDesk has also launched an API Center to encourage developers to create custom workspaces around oDesk tools. The API allows for users to log-in from outside of oDesk’s applications, the ability to search oDesk’s provider data and profiles, and lets users retrieve snapshots of worker activities.”

In today’s mobile application development wave, companies are building apps for everything giving many away so that it can extend its business

model and oDesk is doing just that. It took its API and created the oDesk iPhone Application that allows users to manage their online workteams in real-time, with greater control and flexibility, from anywhere in the world.

The oDesk iPhone App is available for free in the Apple App Store, and allows registered oDesk users to view their team rooms and work diaries.Accessible from the iPhone and iPod Touch (when connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi), and designed for both buyers and providers, the oDesk iPhone App gives users literal visibility of their online workteam no matter where they are.

The oDesk iPhone App allows users to:

* See all providers in their team rooms, grouped by current work status — Working Now, Worked in the Last 24 Hours, Other

* View each team member’s latest work memo, local time, 24-hour work sparkline, and latest snapshot

* Check complete work diaries including memos, full-size snapshots, activity indicator, billing status, timestamp, and active window for any date

This is pretty effective especially with far-flung virtual teams so you can focus on productivity and not hover over people going into micro-management mode.

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