Solutions Are Power in 2010-Looking Forward

by Steve Fisher on January 11, 2010


road_sky_smWe kick off the third year of Solutions Are Power with a new look, a new direction and a committed focus on small business. We have a new look, new direction and a few things we can’t talk about yet, but we know you will love.

The New Look – Yeah, we look hot.

Talk about interface changes. Our previous design served us well but as 2009 rolled along and new blog properties along with a Network Solutions rebranding, we knew we needed a facelift. First and foremost was that we are almost at 1000 posts and that is a lot of great content and it is really hard to find. We re-organized the blog design to bring out more relevant posts and keep recent posts alive longer with different placement.

The New Direction – Products and Education

You asked and you will receive. We asked readers and studied what people are reading the most. What we found was that people wanted things heavy on using our solutions more effectively and where relevant, if this was something they should purchase as part of their online strategy. We are a solutions provider and you can expect better product coverage, more information directly from product teams on how to get the most of the products you have and better eduction for the products you are thinking about using.

Committed Focus on Small Businesses

Our focus on small business and growing your online presence has not changed. Solutions Are Power is still one of the best resource on the web for building and running an online small business. Plus, with our other blogs like Grow Smart Business, Unintentional Entrepreneur and Women Grow Business make Network Solutions a fantastic central resource for all things small business. You can expect more great content from new writers like Thursday Bram, Monika Jansen and continuing their writing are Joe Loong here on Solutions Are Power and Ken Yeung who is taking the reins over at Unintentional Entrepreneur.

Keep Telling Us Where We Are Doing it Right and Where We Are Doing it Wrong

We may have given the blog an overhaul and tuned our strategy but that doesn’t mean we are sitting on our butts. We are committed to growing with you and providing you the right content you need. Please let us know when we are on track or fly off the rails.

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