Ecommerce Design Tips: Using High Quality Icons

by C Douglass on February 15, 2010


Professional looking icons can be another way to enhance your ecommerce site’s design and add a look of credibility to your site. Creating your own icons can be extremely time consuming and difficult even for many graphic design professionals. Luckily there are many resources on the web offering high quality design icons that you can use on your site. Many are available for free or for a small fee.

One great example is the popular Silk Icon set available for free at famfamfam.com. This comprehensive set has a wide range of over 700 icons that can provide style and clarity for everything from simple web sites to advanced applications. There are a few other high quality icons sets offered on the site as well.

FamFamFam Icons Sets

A simple search on the web can help you find an icon or a complete set that matches your site’s style and purpose. Another place to look for a wide range of icons sets would be a stock design and photography site like istockphoto.com.

We have even found a search engine for free icons at iconlet.com. A simple search for the word ‘add’ found a list of attractive icons available under various licenses.

Iconlet Search

If you know of any other great icons sets available for free or at a low cost please post them in the comments below.

Screenshots and information taken 02/15/10, famfamfam.com and iconlet.com

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