Celebrating 3 Years and 1000 Posts on Solutions Are Power

by Steve Fisher on March 22, 2010


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For all of our readers out there, we are marking a milestone of our 1000th post here at Solutions Are Power and it has been an awesome 26 months of growing, learning and listening. We hope we have provided you valuable and timely information along with some humor thrown in for good measure. We plan on continuing our mission to help your small business grow and succeed online as well as offline.

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank Shashi Bellamkonda, our Social Media Swami, and the man responsible for launching this social media “road trip” and evangelizing both internally and externally to people growing it into the award-winning social media destination for small businesses on the Internet.

In typical TV Show fashion we are going to take a look at the last 1000 posts and highlight all those who have contributed in our version of “flashbacks” while sparing you from the cheesy music and soft camera lense fades. We are looking forward to continuing this mission and writing the next 1000 posts!

Highlights from the last 1000 posts

Year with GTD Series

In 2009, I spent a year integrating the Getting Things Done (GTD) processes and methology into my working and personal life. At first it was a rocky road but over time I learned much about myself and how I work. If you want to share in my experience, check out the series http://blog.networksolutions.com/series/a-year-with-gtd/

Great SEO and Marketing Advice

One of the big things we did with our new mission was to show customers how to get the most out of Network Solution products and one of the big things we have talked about is SEO. With tips and tricks from the experts, our new column, SEO Buzz, has been a big hit. You can see all those articles at http://blog.networksolutions.com/category/seo-buzz/

Joe Loong’s Awesome Titles Don’t Disappoint

Joe has been writing with us for a while and one of the things he is known for are his blog headings that are funny, catchy and let’s admit, link bait. His articles are funny, relevant and make readers think. Here are a few of his most recent examples:

Pandas, Presence, Substance, Photos

Personality Leakage: Involuntary Exposure to Friend / Follower Beliefs

Generations, Technology, Attitude

You can see all of his stuff at http://blog.networksolutions.com/author/jloong/

Educating Customers on How to Get the Most Out of Their Products

As I mentioned above, one or our big mandates was to educate customers on how to get the most out of what Network Solutions offers. This includes products like WordPress Hosting, e-Commerce and SEO. We talked about SEO above so here are a few great WordPress and e-Commerce posts we have put out this past year:

30 Must Have WordPress Plugins – Two Lists Compared and Merged

Five Things You Never Knew You Could Do with WordPress

Building Great Contact Forms in WordPress

10 Killer SEO Tricks with WordPress

Powerful SEO Tips for Your E-Commerce Web Site

The Five Basic Components of an e-Commerce Storefront

Building My Online Store: Understanding SSL Certificates

The Next 1000 Posts….

Well, we have much more to write about and hope you will stick around. We have some great things planned here on the blog and we are looking forward to sharing our knowledge and experiences with you.

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    • http://www.networksolutions.com/ Raj Malik

      Congrats on this great milestone. Great job to the team of drafters and the team behind the team! I know you have literally worked 24/7 at times on this blog and it really is fantastic. On to the next 1,000 posts!

    • http://www.appsolve.com Steven Fisher

      Thanks Raj. We are looking forward to 1000 more!

    • http://forex-automoney.info/ Morgan

      Wow, that is an achievement. Don't know when I can ever reach that. Congrats.