Show & .TEL: How Are You Using Your .TEL Domain?

by Channing Suhl on March 19, 2010


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If you’ve registered a .TEL domain name, you are already experiencing the many benefits it has to offer. You have control of your contact information and can make instant, real-time updates. And if you’re a business owner, you are likely expanding your reach to customers. The bottom line is that, whether you’re using your .TEL domain for professional or personal use, it’s never been easier for you to stay connected.

At Network Solutions®, we love hearing how our customers use the products we offer. That’s why we’re asking you to show and tell us how you’re using your .TEL domain today.

If you haven’t registered a .TEL domain, now is the perfect time – we’re offering .TEL domains for just $11.95. Learn more about .TEL domains or register one today!

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      We used .tel to create http://SOS1.tel, The Only .tel That Can Save Your Life. Everywhere In The World.

      SOS1.tel indeed gathers emergency phone numbers of 134 countries worldwide and takes full advantage of the competitive edges of .tel technology.

      You just have to memorize “SOS1.tel” to be able to phone emergency services in the country you stay in, via a simple click on your mobile Internet device (iPhone, Blackberry, smartphone, etc.).

      SOS1.tel lists in 3 languages (English, French and Spanish) more than 400 emergency phone numbers (police, medical, fire, sea rescue, etc.), all accessible via a simple an intuitive navigation tree (SOS1 > Continent > Country).

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