Hosting Update:

by Customer Service on May 13, 2010


At this time, we have been able to contain the attacks to our hosting platform.  However, cyber security is an ongoing battle for the hosting industry and we continue to monitor and enhance our systems.  As we identify additional measures necessary to secure our customers websites to combat these and any future issues that may arise, we will spare no effort to implement them.  At times these actions may result in unscheduled outages, limited site functionality and additional password updates. We will make every effort to notify our customers so they are prepared.

Please know that we take your website security very seriously.  Our internal security and operations teams and third party experts are working hard to thwart any unauthorized attempts to access our systems.  We are also working with other hosting companies and the security and web communities to share information and best practices.

We will update this post when we have more information to share.

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    • I Love Dedicated

      Aaaaand…this is why shared hosting doesn't work. I run my business on dedicated hosting because, if I get hacked, then it is my own damn fault, not my ISP. There are also the benefits of isolation: If I get hacked, I'm the only one because I'm the only one on the box. Conversely, if someone else gets hacked, I'm on my own separate box, so I don't get hacked. The upkeep on a dedicated solution is not difficult and can even be MUCH more secure than open FTP. Also, once you've used dedicated hosting, you will never, ever go back to shared hosting. Shared hosting is a huge, pointless hassle. And once you start fiddling with multiple domain ownership, then shared hosting becomes very expensive (both time and money) compared to dedicated hosting. Plus you can write the dedicated box off on your taxes as a depreciating investment instead of just sinking money into a service every month. There is physical, measurable hardware (which depreciates in value) that is 100% yours while you pay for it.

      I actually came here trying to locate the article that the main WordPress developer blog is ranting about. Couldn't find it but read a few articles on this blog. It appears that over the past month there appear to have been countless security issues with the Network Solutions shared hosting platform. Figured I'd offer an alternative to those business owners out there who are frustrated. You are frustrated because shared hosting is NOT designed for businesses. It may be cheaper, but you get what you pay for: Endless headaches.

      Hey I used to do the shared hosting thing myself. I totally understand where the appeal is in terms of price. However, dedicated hosting really is the answer for business owners. Dedicated hosting lets me do absolutely anything on the box. The ISP manages the physical hardware, electricity, cooling, and network connection and lets me have at it. Want to chug CPU for hours on end? Go right ahead! Regular 'cron' jobs? Yes. Install some custom piece of software or enable some special PHP module? No problem! I've been using dedicated hosting since 2005 and love it. The only downside is making sure the box stays up-to-date and even that is usually pretty easy to do.