Leveraging Your .CO domain to .COllaborate

by Steve Fisher on May 27, 2010


In today’s business world, you have to collaborate to win. This means working with co-workers, consultants, bosses, their bosses and so on to get things done.

New Collaboration Uses with a .CO Domain Name

We are not here to discuss the many tools that exist nor which approaches are the right way to do things. What we can talk about is that you can use a .CO domain to collaborate.

The .CO is a unique opportunity for businesses and individuals looking to create a separate space for collaborating with others and branding themselves online with short and memorable domain names.

Penn, Schoen and Berland, a global market research firm, recently conducted a study of 600 past and prospective domain registrants. From that study they learned that .CO domains in the second level are:

  • Easy to remember, simple to use, and easy to understand
  • More than 75% of respondents associated .CO with ‘company,’ ‘corporation,’ or other commercial endeavors—but .CO is not confined only to these meanings

Simply put, .CO is global, recognizable and credible, and therefore highly desirable in this competitive business environment.

Protect Your Brand with a .CO Domain Name

Even if you have your .COM brand, it important that you protect your brand and as mentioned above it works extremely well in a commercial or business environment. As you grow your company you will need to protect your name and multiple domain extensions is one primary way. In the event you have your trademark in your country of origin (you should do this if you haven’t already) you can participate in what is called a Global Sunrisewhich is from April 26, 2010 – June 10, 2010. During the Sunrise period holders of eligible registered trademarks have the right to apply for the .CO domain name corresponding with their trademark before the registration of domain names opens to the general public.

Take Your .COmpany from Small to Big with a .CO Domain Name

So are you ready to go from small to big? We encourage you to check out the Network Solutions .CO site more information about submitting your trademark application and the .CO domain name in general.

To support the launch of the .CO domain globally, the site Pitch.CO has a contest asking for your best business idea pitch and you can win $50,000. To find out more, check out the Pitch.CO site.

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