Adding Advertising to Your Blog and the Plugins that Love Them

by Steve Fisher on June 10, 2010


One thing that almost every blogger would agree on and that is that they would like their blog to make money. This from supporting the hosting costs, to paying for more writers to grow the blog to fully supplementing their income. Now while I don’t have a solution for that, I can provide some advice and lessons learned after going through this experience myself.

I am referencing this great article on 11 WordPress Plugins to Manage Your Ad Banners by Web Design Booth so I thought I would bring the plugins over and with their overview give you my own experience with each one.

Here we go….

1.) Adrotate

Overview from Web Design Booth: “Adrotate is a powerful WordPress Advertising plugin that lets you create and manage your banners easily. In order to create banners, you have to create a group first, then add banners to the group. For people who doesn’t really familiar with it, you can use the “Banner Wizard”, which guide you step-by-step to create banner.

My Experiences with this plugin: I like this plugin and have used it for larger traffic blogs that need to manage many types of banners and place limits on clicks. It is manual for the admin but inclusion into the WordPress template is pretty easy.

2. Author Advertising Plugin

Overview from Web Design Booth: “If you are running a multi-authors blog, then you probably need this plugin. It is a good revenue sharing plugin for different authors. Various configuration can be done through the admin page. For example, you can configure how author see their “My Advertising” page. This is the place where they insert their ads code.

My Experiences with this plugin: I really like this for blogs that have multiple authors and contributors. It allows you to track where they are clicking and compensate authors on that traffic. This is good for pushing authors to build their following. It also can handle multiple ad networks which is really nice.

3. WhyDoWork AdSense Plugin

Overview from Web Design Booth: “With WhyDoWork, you can insert Adsense code into your blog without modifying your template file. You can define up to 10 sets of advertisement codes and displaying them at different pages/posts. For single page article, you can define different sets of ad code after x days. This way your regular readers will not be bothered by your ads.

My Experiences with this plugin: On of the things I have found effective on blogs is placing a nice small ad in the middle of a post which can be the most effective because people might find an article on the web, read the content and go. They might completely ignore the banner ads up top or the 125×125 ads on the right top so this is where you can grab their attention. It also has granular control to exclude ads in a single post which is great for admin posts or sponsored posts. The only caveat is that this for AdSense ads only and not banners, so if you use AdSense, this is perfect for you.

4. Buy Sell Ads

Overview from Web Design Booth: “If you are a Buy Sell Ads user, then you should check out this cool plugin! After installing the plugin, simply insert your BSA site key and you are ready to go.

My Experiences with this plugin: No real experience with this plugin since I have not had the occasion to use BSA for client ads.

5. Advertising Manager

Overview from Web Design Booth: “Powerful ad manager for WordPress. It is able to detect and recognize various ad network including Google Adsense, OpenX, Commission Junction and etc. It is created and maintained by OpenX team.

My Experiences with this plugin: I like this plugin because it works with lots of ad networks and provides many features to limit ads and tune to the various places an ad would appear. This is popular and well supported so if need one to evaluate I would give this one a try.

6. Ad-minister

Overview from Web Design Booth: “Ad-minister helps WordPress users create banner easily by defining your “position” for banners. In order to use this plugin, you need to define your “position” by modifying your template file. After you define your position, you can start adding banner( they called it “content”). Installation and configuration require some investigations and reading at the documentation, but indeed it is a good plugin.

My Experiences with this plugin: Not much experience with it because it is a basic plugin for banner ads and not much else.

7. Advertisement Management

Overview from Web Design Booth: “With Advertisement Management, you can add advertising code straight from the backend system. There are totally 8 places where you can insert your banner code.

My Experiences with this plugin: If you are a coder and want the maximum flexibility on where to place your ad code, this is a great plugin. You can put it all around the blog and the post pages. The only exception is in the middle of a post, which can be a deal breaker for some.

8. OIO Publisher

Overview from Web Design Booth: “OIO Publisher is an Ad Manager that gives full control of your ad space. You can define the ad space, and the plugin able to handle the selling process completely automatic. However, it is a paid plugin, which is the reason people don’t go for it. But if you are serious about your website advertising and looking for great plugin, you should consider it.

My Experiences with this plugin: Ok, so this is the only paid plugin in the list but it is one of the best and like Web Design Booth said “if you are serious….you should consider it”. It has things like direct payment setup which if you are doing lots of ad revenue this could pay for the plugin ($47 for unlimited sites license) 10 times over. The only downside is you have to go with their ad network so if you are committed to something else, you should look elsewhere.

9. Post Layout

Overview from Web Design Booth: “Effective plugin to inject advertisement into your article. Generally, this plugin is able to “inject” any HTML or Javascript code to your blog post. So, you could use this plugin to insert everything, the sky is the limit! If you want to have more features, you could go for the “Pro” version.

My Experiences with this plugin: This is more of an injection plugin but you can control the code and put things in the middle of pages and also create a dedicated mobile version. The mobile version is something you will be seeing more and more since people are are building mobile optimized sites or using mobile WordPress plugins.

10. WP125

Overview from Web Design Booth: “WP125 able to manage and display banners in either one or two columns and inform the administrator once the banner is expired. Although it is not the most powerful Ad manager plugin, but there are some really unique features that make me love it.”

My Experiences with this plugin: This is a nice basic ad plugin but Ad Manager has all the features and more. I have looked at using this but always went to Ad Manager if the choice was there.

11. Wp-Insert

Overview from Web Design Booth: “Wp-Insert is more than just a simple ad management plugin. It is able to manage your feeds, Google Analytics, blog editing and even make editing your themes easier for you.

My Experiences with this plugin: This is kind of like saving the best for last. It supports multiple ad networks, Google Analytics, placement in every part of a page and post and a simple admin interface. Only downside is there is no expiration on banner ads. This is good for Google Adsense and permanent banner ads.

What Have Been Your Experiences with Any of These Plugins?

Have you implemented any of these plugins? Are you getting ready to? Please share your experiences in the comments.
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