Cutty TV is Creating videos and Teaching Healthly Cooking to Kids

by Steve Fisher on June 15, 2010


Over the last six weeks we have heard from you and your stories of growing from small to big in our quest for “smallvolutionists” and you have you delivered. We have heard from all over and companies of all sizes and shapes. When Susan Wade, our Director of PR told me about Cutty TV she thought it was the coolest sites. According to the show’s web site, “Cookin’ With Cutty” is a nationally syndicated half-hour family television show, which promotes positive health and nutrition lifestyle choices for children and their parents. Fast-paced, high-energy segments featuring Cutty, Lisa, Blakely & the Kids focus on the benefits of eating well, exercising and being tobacco free. Our mission is to encourage good health, nutrition and fitness habits to children around the world, with the hopes they will carry them into their adulthood. Filmed entirely on location throughout the beautiful Islands of Hawaii, Cookin’ With Cutty informs and educates children, parents and families through the easiest learning method on earth, …FUN!”

We heard from them on our Smallvolution Facebook page and is what they posted:

So we definitely wanted to know more. So we reached out to the host, Cutty Cutler at Cutty TV, and in the legendary Hawaiian hospitality he was gracious and answered our questions in an extended interview. They also provided a ton of great photos which I have done my best at weaving into this post.

1.  What has been your greatest success so far in your growing the business from small to big?
Proudly, the core group of caring people who founded this project and have contributed much sweat equity are all still on board and actively working to move this forward.  Considering the challenges of being an independent producer, particularly of children’s television, we are a rare bread.  Our greatest success is being blessed to still be together rolling along after 13 years through thick and thin. Over 100 beautiful locations, over 400 kids appearances, 80 or so special guests, educators, celebrities, experts & Chefs have all touched many hearts and minds around the country for 12 consecutive years of broadcast.  As a result of time & consistency, when people see our logo, our cast & crew, they know & understand exactly what it represents…our commitment to make our community, & other communities, a healthier place to live.

There is no greater reward or sign of success than simply being thanked on the streets by neighbors and fellow citizens for our efforts to impact kids and parents on a daily basis.

2.  What has been your greatest challenge?
Television can be an effective method of delivering important information when produced in a fun and entertaining manner.  We take the tremendous responsibility of our blessing very seriously.  Manifesting from a seed of thought, then producing to reality & broadcasting over 50 great episodes over the years while gaining a level of national distribution with little or no studio backing or public funding has been a big challenge, and a credit to the circle of very big-hearted and caring individuals and businesses who have helped keep the train rolling.  A grass-roots effort gone good, if you will.

3.  How have online social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and Blogs helped you market your business?

We’re just at the beginning of exploring these tools, recently opening a twitter account.  Aside from the learning curve, it’s been fun. Our Cutty TV Facebook page was actually started by a fan who simply enjoyed our catchy promo spot jingle.  We’re always pleasantly surprised when we get new fans & followers and it’s greatly appreciated.

4.  Looking back, what are a few things you would recommend to fellow entrepreneurs looking to grow their business from small to big?

  • Persistance…it can be painful, but much less so than the pain of regret.  Follow your heart & commit everything you have to your vision.  Take full ownership in your heart and mind…live it, breathe it, eat it. Never let anyone take you off your path.  Many will try.
  • Linear Momentum…always keep moving forward in some way or another…one task or one inch at a time if need be.  -Attitude…like they say…”Your attitude determines your latitude.”  Stay positive…it’s contagious…help others find success along the way.
  • Relationships…the quality of our lives depends upon the quality of our relationships.  Treat everyone well without exceptions.  Have compassion for others.  Plant seeds, water them…watch them grow over time.
  • Manifest…don’t just talk about it…turn your thoughts into things.  Deliver.
  • Imagination…like Einstein once said…”an imagination is greater than knowledge”.  Trust in your creative greatness as only you can.  Surround yourself with other great thinkers.  Most importantly, don’t be afraid to fail or feel foolish. No question it’s a chance we must all take to grow small to big.

To learn more about Cutty TV, you can find it at CuttyTV.com or on Twitter and their Facebook Fan Page. In the words of Cutty himself, Mahalo.

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