Chances are that we’ve all been impacted by an alcohol-related tragedy – whether it’s having too much to drink, drunk driving or worse, and we’ve heard the statistics and the efforts being made to help stem these terrible tragedies from happening. We could always talk about who is to blame for these tragedies…is it with the bars and stores that serve excessive alcohol to people? What about the drivers who just don’t know when to say when? Do you go after the big breweries who are selling this to the stores and bars and say that their product is responsible for these events? Regardless of the debate and blame, one brewery is still actively trying to help dissuade people from drinking irresponsibily – and they’re using social media to help promote this cause.

It should be helpful to note two things about this “case study”. First of all, the brewery is Molson Coors, a top brewery and one of the oldest in Canada. Second, the efforts by Molson isn’t through their own brand. They’ve actually teamed up with a few groups to help promote irresponsible drinking, including one called Artists Raising Consciousness (ARC). As part of this partnership, both Molson and ARC have put together a series of videos posted online that are devoted towards helping end this dilemma.

Called The Message In The Bottle, this campaign is produced mostly by the members of ARC to produce a series of online videos available on YouTube as a means to help curb irresponsible drinking. At first glance, you might think that this is just another PR stunt designed to show how a major brewery is helping to try and do some good. But as you actually start to view some of the videos, including their four-minute trailer, then you’ll start to realize that ARC had probably more control over the production and can see that it’s not all plugging Molson Coors, but in fact, showing real-life people impacted by alcohol-related cases and working together to help find a solution.

I visited The Message In The Bottle website and what struck me right away was the effort behind having an impact. Yes, Molson is part of the group responsible for this push, but the real producers are the non-profits destined to help curb any efforts towards irresponsible drinking. The site is laid out into several sections: you first have the grand overview trailer that gives you an idea for the purpose of this campaign. Then it is broken down into those from a student’s perspective, non-profit/student life view, the brewery’s perspective (in this case, Molson), a family affected by tragedy, and a comedian’s view. In fact, one would probably view these online videos as something akin to individual mini-series with a mix of MTV’s “True Life” television series. These are highly impactful video testimonials that documents the lives of several people to help understand what is going on with this cause.

As I’m told, the different tracks that Molson Coors and ARC have produced are designed to cover the following topics:

  • how a beer company markets responsible drinking to the same people they market consumption to
  • what happens when young adults leave for university, are introduced to the party scene, and are no longer under the supervision of their parents
  • how families cope with the death of their children from a tragedy that involved speed and alcohol
  • how other organizations try to get the message of responsible drinking out to students and the nature of their relationship with the brewers and distillers.

Very impactful videos await people who visit The Message In The Bottle website and seeing that these videos are something people both can relate to and draw on emotion, it’s not an easy thing to turn a blind eye towards.

You can view the trailer for this The Message In The Bottle below or click here to view more online videos produced by the ARC and Molson partnership to help curb irresponsible drinking:

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    • Nelson

      “They’ve actually teamed up with a few groups to help promote irresponsible drinking”
      This is a quote from you blog.  Did you mean to say “promote responsible drinking?” Or perhaps you meant to say “discourage irresponsible drinking?”

      I sincerly hope it was a typo as I am sad to think anyone would want to promote irresponsible drinking.  Simply looking for clarification.

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      Ah, yes! Good catch. That does indeed appear to be misstated. Thanks for catching.