Learn how to Register a Strong Domain Name in New Video

by Channing Suhl on June 24, 2010


How important is choosing a domain? Try to imagine anyone finding your business online without one, and you get the picture. Registering a domain is an essential step towards getting online.

Anyone can register a domain name, but registering a domain that’s strong enough to support your business requires careful consideration and a little creativity. Our new domain name video was created to help you choose a web address with strength and staying power.

Using Bensel’s Pencils (maker of exotic wood pencils) as an example, the video demonstrates how you can choose and register a domain name that:

  • Sticks in customers’ minds
  • Includes your company or product name
  • Reflects the nature of your business
  • Protects you from cybersquatters
  • Outsmarts your competition
  • Captures misspellings and typos
  • Stays with you for years to come

Making your business a success online starts with choosing a web address that’s strong enough to handle the heavy lifting – making it easy for customers to find you online. Like many other business decisions, choosing a strong domain name will benefit your business now and for years to come.

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