Our Business Goal is Success of Small Business – Ken Yancey SCORE CEO

by Shashi Bellamkonda on June 8, 2010


At the National Small Business Week (May 23 – 25 Washington, DC 2010) SBA conference we had the opportunity to interview Ken Yancey CEO of SCORE.  SCORE gives free small business advice for entrepreneurs and helps them succeed through their network of 370 offices.  Ken Yancey told us in the interview that SCORE has set itself a new goal to helping build a Million Small Business in 7 years. Today according to the SCORE website 20k businesses get a start with SCORE.
This year SCORE will be building on the education content and having new workshops and online education. SCORE volunteers will be certified to help enhance quality. During the hard financial crisis small business had to endure, they needed more help in support , mentoring , counseling or coaching. SCORE now offers counseling through email and you can go to SCORE.org to check out the resources and find your nearest SCORE office.

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