Shake and Search for Your Domain with DomainStorm for the iPhone

by Steve Fisher on June 16, 2010


Ever been somewhere and had this great idea for a business or a web site only to get home and find out that the domain name is taken? Or worse you forgot the name completely? Well, those days are a thing of the past with DomainStorm, the new iPhone app from Network Solutions.

DomainStorm provides you with a fast and fun way to check domain availability and provides a convenient way to register your domain name. Is the domain name you want taken? Looking for creative suggestions? Give us keywords and shake your phone – you may be surprised at what you find.

Lots of Features Packed into a Small App

It has some really cool features like the following:

  • Domain availability search for all extensions available on Network Solutions’® website
  • NameStorm, an easy way to brainstorm domain name ideas
  • Special pricing for .com, .net, and .org
  • Related domain name suggestions including:
    • Alternative domains are variations on extensions and spelling
    • Expired domains with past renewal dates
    • Premium domains are registered names available for purchase from the current domain holder at an established price
  • Geographically based search criteria and domain recommendations
  • Favorites list to track desired domain names
  • WHOIS Lookup
  • Search history
  • Contact Network Solutions®

My Favorite Functions – NameStorm and the “Whois” button

I tried out the app this morning for the first time and I found two really cool things I like and want to point out to you.

NameStorm – This is like “UrbanSpoon for Domain Names” where you type in two names and either shake the phone or hit the “Spin” button. It then combines synonyms to create a new domain name and  shows the availability below and the ability to purchase the domain or do a “Whois” search right there.

Whois – That was a nice segue to a really handy feature in the app. The “Whois” function is how you see who owns a domain name and their contact information. The app has a big old “Whois” button at the bottom of the app ever present for a quick search but in my domain searches in the “Search” panel of the app it does something really cool.

First it dynamically searches and you will see a grey “Taken” button on the respective domain but it you tap on the specific “Taken” button it changes to say “Whois”. This is very cool because it saves you two steps of copying the domain name and going to the “Whois” panel going away from your search. You tap the “Whois” button and it does the search right there. Very slick.

Give DomainStorm a try right now!

It is available on the iTunes App Store right now at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/domainstorm/id376898108?mt=8 so give it a spin and get your new domain name right now!

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