T.CO are the new characters for Twitter URL Shortening

by Steve Fisher on June 11, 2010


If you use Twitter in any way you have probably seen those odd looking URLs that lead you to a longer more complex URL. These are called “URL shorteners” and serve two purposes – making a complex URL easy to type and keeping the character count down on services like Twitter.

There are many URL shorteners out there with the service Bit.ly as the market leader. Their service helps you track click throughs and monitor traffic within your Twitter community. This is very helpful to understand because you will see what your followers like to click and have something to report on if needed. They have premium accounts that allow you to create custom URLs (ex. The New York Times is “nyti.ms” and Tech Crunch is “tcrn.ch”).

Twitter has acquired T.CO and is expanding its URL shortening presence

We all know that Twitter has been shortening links for quite some time. However there is something that I found out via The Next Web article on T.CO that “since sometime in March, according to the Twitter blog, any links in Twitter DM’s have not only been wrapped, but also scanned for malware, phishing and other dangers”.  That means that even though any URLs are shortened or “wrapped” they go through a scan by Twitter to eliminate bad links ultimately damaging the use of these services and the perception of using Twitter.

With this new expansion of Twitter’s link service, we understand their approach is two-fold. First is that any link shared through Twitter will be wrapped with a t.co URL. It seems that the overarching goal is to show all links into Twitter are vetted and safe  to click. The other aspect is that this will be integral to the “Promoted Tweets” platform that is scheduled to launch soon.

This is big news for the .CO domain that just completed its Global Sunrise period and the landrush phase beginning on June 21, 2010 with general availability to the public starting July 20, 2010.

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